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Work Place Safety Is Job #1 at FBi Construction.

At FBi Construction, workplace safety is a core area of focus and we continually strive to maintain the highest possible safety standards on every FBi Construction project. Our safety performance results at our worksites is consistently above industry norms and something we strive to be a leader in.

A large part of our success is the “FBi Construction Site Safety and Incident Prevention Program”, which is designed to protect all employees, equipment, and people on or near our worksites from injury, accident or loss. All of our subcontractors must comply with this program, in addition to all applicable local, state and federal safety and health regulatory requirements.

We recognize our safety standards and procedures may be more demanding than other General Contractors, Construction Managers or Design-Builders require, but we believe our uncompromising stance on safety has contributed greatly to FBi’s success over the past 40 years.

FBi Construction Site Safety and
Incident Prevention Program

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